Oil leaking on serpentine belt

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Subaru timing belt recommendation is at 105K but it’s not common to have to replace the timing belt before this mileage due to oil leaks from either the cam seal’s or front crankshaft seal. There are other spots to check such as the oil pump and the large piston access 12mm allen head bolts in front of the block also leak oil sometimes.

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The serpentine belt is important because it powers a lot of accessories in your Vr6, such as the water pump, power steering pump, alternator, and A/C compressor. Just like every part inside of an engine, the higher miles your vehicle has, the more likely it is the tensioner will start to fail due to normal wear and tear.

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Took the valve cover back off but left the front cover on sans serpentine belt and started engine. There is no noise coming from the cam/lifter area. The noise still seems to be coming from the front of the engine. Here's something else, there is no oil squirting out of the lifters or anywhere on the head for that matter but there is no noise ...Sep 13, 2021 · Hey! I recently changed my serpentine belt on a ford fiesta se hatchback. I filled it w coolant and everything was okay. Today I had to fill it again and realized it was leaking underneath the car! My coolant was leaking a lot. Mechanic's Assistant: Hi there. What color is the leaking fluid?

Discussion Starter · #5 · Sep 10, 2018. It was smoking due to the serpentine belt shredding off and wrapping around the drive shaft. The oil leak stopped when I changed the harmonic balancer, tensioner and replaced the belt. I think it's starting to leak again, though. Greg. 2010 Malibu, 4 cylinder, 6 speed. Save.Service Schedule Parts for a John Deere 6115M Tractor & Parts List. While your John Deere machine is certainly built with quality parts, they have a limited life. Good news is you can easily service your machine yourself using a John Deere maintenance kit or service kits or by getting the specific John Deere part needed to keep your John Deere mower or tractor running for a long time.